Enza Systems International

Enza systems provides modular solutions to the lean manufacturing industry. Our systems consist pipes, joints and specialized accessories such as flow tracks, carts and workstations creating a productive, ergonomic workplace. These flexible systems can easily be adapted for various purposes including retail and home use.


Line Side Flow Racks
Interim Store
Cart (Towable)
Trolley (Manual Push)
Enclosure Areas


Shop Fittings
Display Stands
Clothing Racks

Home DIY

Sports Concepts
Modular Toys
DIY Kits
Garage Shelving
Hot Houses

Enza Systems are the smartest material handling solutions, perfect for companies looking to improve efficiency, maximize their workspace and cut down costs.

The adaptive structures can be quickly and easily assembled to meet any production challenge, and just as quickly disassembled and changed to match an alternative need.

Our material handling systems consist of a wide range of plastic-coated or galvanized steel pipes, brackets, fittings and accessories, manufactured from high quality steel and treated to ensure maximum protection against corrosion




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