Retail Solutions

Our Modular concepts in the Retail Industry offer efficient space utilisation, constructive displays with simple assembly methods and adjustments as required to suit all your retail needs.

Starter Kits

We offer a basic standard set of components with which you can assemble any number of simple structures for your store.

This kit can be added to at any time, allowing you to rebuild or change the dynamics of the structure to suit your specific needs as your business grows or your product line changes.

Custom-Made Kits

We will tailor-make a kit of components to your exact specifications which can be quickly and easily assembled by your staff.

We also offer in-depth analysis of your specific retail needs, enabling us to suggest an ideal solution to suit your requirements and budget.

Fully Assembled Products

Allow us to design and assemble the storage or display solution you require.

We will install the product and train your staff on how to gain maximum value and productivity from it.

HiFi, TV Stands


Racks and Stands


Climbing Frames, Biltong Dryers


School Desks, tables and stands



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