Home DIY

Our simple and basic range of round tubular components can be customised to suit any DIY project for home or hobbies.

Starter Kits

We offer a basic standard set of components with which you can assemble any number of simple structures for your home, garage or workshop.

This kit can be added to at any time, allowing you to rebuild or change the dynamics to suit your specific needs as your home or hobbies require it.

Custom-Made Kits

We will tailor-make a kit of components to your exact specifications which you will enjoy assembling quickly and easily.

Fully Assembled Products

Allow us to design and assemble the storage or display solution you need for your home or workshop.

We will install the product and instruct you on how to gain maximum value from your new system.

Braais & Seating, Computer Stands, Toys



Chairs & Tables


Cricket Nets, Soccer goals, Greenhouses