Delivery and Supply options - 4 Methods of Supply

The client can e-mail, call or fax requirements to our offices or a distributor and request support in the following methods:

Piece parts - Bulk orders

  • Enza can supply in bulk lots depending on what the client requires.
  • The products being accessories, connectors or roller tracks.
  • These components are packed into secure wooden crates for industrial handling.



Sub Assembly

  • Enza can part-assemble the structure and freight to the client.
  • There can be full lengths of tubing for the client to customise the final product to suit their needs.
  • This will allow the standard assembly to arrive on-site ready for customising.



Standard Kit Form

  • Standard Kit form orders are available to build up the prototypes or samples needed.
  • Enza can ship these A, B or C kits, customising the lot to ensure that no unecessary parts are purchased.
  • In addition, Enza trained staff can support in the final customising at the client's premises.


On-site assembly

  • The client may have modular products in stock or have purchased additional components for assembly on-site.
  • This would require the Enza staff to work with the client's staff and assist with necessary prototype or development work to get the best design possible.
  • Enza staff are well trained, and will be effective in providing the correct design for the customer's needs.



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